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sur L'épidémie de Covid sur le point de disparaître. La stratégie du régime Macron doit être revue

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Christian Slipenfer 1er 23 novembre 2020 22:46

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Pour ceux qui n’ont pas le temps de lire le livre, voici le passage qui résume le mieux l’analyse de Wilber sur la situation. Si quelqu’un se sent de traduire l’extrait, un grand merci d’avance.
« The other major advantage of an integral leading-edge is that it would create an enormously powerful downward-acting morphic field that would exert a strong pressure on green to heal its fragmented and broken ways. Although this would not in itself directly cure each and every green defect—that can be done only with green’s own actions and cooperation—it would nonetheless introduce a powerful regenerative field that would compensate for green’s malfunctions and in many cases would indeed help green to directly heal them. (...)
We did see that when around 10 percent of the population reaches the same level as that of the leading-edge itself, then there is something of a “tipping point” reached, and the generic qualities of the leading-edge tend to seep into or permeate the entire culture. We already have around 5 percent that is already at integral, and it might reach 10 percent within a decade or two. At that time, there would be a transformative shift in the interior domains the likes of which humanity has never, but never, seen. The true inclusiveness that forward-thinking social and political theorists have long idolized as near utopian would in fact become a very real possibility for humanity for the first time in its entire history.
This will be happening at about the same time that we reach something resembling a technological Singularity—and together, these conditions would propel the world into a transformative event the likes of which has never been remotely seen—or even imagined— before. This will be in direct opposition to many of the present-day degenerative, degrading, divisive, devolving currents that are the product of an abundance of lower stages—that, among other items, drive terrorism, intense marginalization, global warming, environmental degradation, and social injustices such as trafficking— and that are also now actually headed by a leading-edge that has disastrously derailed. These are truly dangerous times. That is why the beginning of a genuinely Integral Age—in all 4 quadrants—will arrive not a moment too soon. I could go on endlessly here, but I’ll simply leave that tantalizing possibility to your imagination. I will point out that this integral stage, because it has already started to emerge in full force around the world, has, among a huge number of other things, created entire theories that originate at this newly emergent level— with Integral Metatheory, which I represent, being one of the most effective, having already fully reinterpreted over 60 human disciplines through an Integral lens—giving items such as Integral Business, Integral Medicine, Integral Art, Integral History, Integral Spirituality, Integral Economics, Integral Education, Integral Politics, and so on— each one of them a much more effective and inclusive approach to its field.
But one of our central points, for either major way forward, is essentially the same, which I’ll briefly summarize : the green postmodern leading-edge of evolution itself has, for several decades, degenerated into its extreme, pathological, and dysfunctional forms. As such, it is literally incapable of effectively acting as a real leadingedge. Its fundamental belief—“there is no truth” (with its many derivatives)—and its basic essential attitude—“aperspectival madness”—cannot in any fashion actually lead, actually choose a course of action that is positive, healthy, effective, and truly evolutionary. With all growth hierarchies denied and deconstructed, evolution has no real way to grow, has no way forward at all, and thus nothing but dominator hierarchies are seen everywhere, effectively reducing any individual you want to a victim. The leading-edge has collapsed ; it is now a few-billion-person massive car crash, a huge traffic jam at the very edge of evolution itself, sabotaging virtually every move that evolution seeks to take. Evolution itself finds its own headlights shining beams of nihilism, which can actually see nothing, or beams of narcissism, which can see only itself. Under this often malicious leadership (“the mean green meme”), the earlier levels and stages of development have themselves begun to hemorrhage, sliding into their own forms of pathological dysfunction. And this isn’t just happening in one or two countries, it is happening around the world.
This culturally divisive and fragmenting force (in the Lower Left) has joined with various systemic forces (in the Lower Right), such as a technological drive toward divisive, echo-chambered, and siloed individuals, and an interior drive (in the Upper Left) toward increasingly narcissistic displays. With no overriding drives to cohesion, unity, or self-organization available in a truly effective fashion in any of the quadrants, there is an almost historically unprecedented regression in essentially all of them. Evolution, in a decided move of self-correction, has paused and is in the process of backing up a few paces, regrouping, and reconstituting itself for a healthier, more unified, more functional continuation. What virtually all of these regroupings have as a primary driver is a profound antigreen dynamic acting as a morphic field radiating from the broken leading-edge itself.
Donald Trump, more than any other single factor, has (unknown to himself, or virtually anybody else, for that matter) ridden these antigreen forces to a massively surprising presidential victory. As previous stages became, in various ways and to various degrees, activated by Trump, whether orange, amber, or red, they all shared one thing : the anti-green dynamic (a dynamic that, because it had not been recognized in any significant way, made Trump’s victory a stunning and unbelievable surprise to virtually everybody). And—although Trump himself will do little to actually address the details of this—as each of these stages works to redress the imbalances inflicted on it by an extreme green and its aperspectival madness, the overall effects of these recent events could indeed turn out to be quite healthy, allowing evolution to generally self-correct and adopt a leading-edge that can actually lead, thus allowing evolution itself to continue its ongoing march of “transcend and include,” a self-organization through self-transcendence. »
Ken Wilber, Trump and a post-Truth World

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