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c’etait de anglais en français,ici, mais il a fait un documentaire dessus

il parle des gillet jaunes aussi

What if protesters in Paris win, and the French government gives in to all their demands ?

What if taxes are reduced, wages increased, President Macron steps down ?

I am not talking only about the fuel tax ; attempts to impose it have been already abandoned. I am not talking about increase of the minimum wage – the government already agreed to rise it by 100 euro per month.

What I am talking about are real, fundamental changes which many protesters seem to be desiring : substantial tax reduction for the majority of French citizens, generous increase in wages and enhancement of social benefits for all.

So, if the Yellow Vests manage to win all this, then what will happen ? Who would benefit ? But also, who would lose ?


One of my readers recently wrote to me that France should reduce its military budget and from those billions of euro saved, could easily finance demands of the protesters.

Another reader wrote that the richest citizens of France (or call them ‘elites’) should be taxed heavily, and the money saved in this way could be then distributed among the poor and the lower middle class.,,,,, la suite ici

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