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Mais vous plaisantez michalac, vous étiez au fond d’une grotte pour avoir manqué la sortie de ce grand livre de Klauss Schwab ?

« la pandémie n’est pas seulement une crise énorme, mais elle offre également à l’humanité l’occasion de réfléchir à la manière dont elle peut faire les choses différemment » !

COVID-19 : The Great Reset (Anglais) Broché – 9 juillet 2020


« COVID-19 : The Great Reset » is a guide for anyone who wants to understand how COVID-19 disrupted our social and economic systems, and what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret, founder of the Monthly Barometer, explore what the root causes of these crisis were, and why they lead to a need for a Great Reset.Theirs is a worrying, yet hopeful analysis. COVID-19 has created a great disruptive reset of our global social, economic, and political systems. But the power of human beings lies in being foresighted and having the ingenuity, at least to a certain extent, to take their destiny into their hands and to plan for a better future. This is the purpose of this book : to shake up and to show the deficiencies which were manifest in our global system, even before COVID broke out.« Erudite, thought-provoking and plausible » — Hans van Leeuwen, Australian Financial Review (Australia)« The book looks ahead to what the post-coronavirus world could look like barely four months after the outbreak was first declared a pandemic » — Sam Meredith, CNBC (USA) « The message that the pandemic is not only a crisis of enormous proportions, but that it also provides an opportunity for humanity to reflect on how it can do things differently, is important and merits reflection »— Ricardo Avila, Portafolio (Colombia) « A call for political change in the post-pandemic world »— Ivonne Martinez, La Razon (Mexico)« History has shown, the book argues, that pandemics are a force for radical and lasting change »— Mustafa Alrawi, The National (UAE)

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