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Voici un texte publié sur le même site de KMT news sur la crise au sein de l’armée taiwanaise après le scandale de "Taiwan Goal".

Visiblement, il semble que l’accord SECRET avec la France ait causé de gros dégâts internes au Minsitère de la Défense, puisque l’article annonce, ce qui n’était pas admis auapravant officiellement, la révocation de plusieurs généraux de haut rang.

Lien :

Voici le texte en anglais après sa source identifiée :

Taiwan Goal to Be Disbanded on March 13

Sources : Taipei newspapers

March 3, 2008

On February 29, Wu Nai-jen, a bigwig of the DPP, announced that Taiwan Goal would be disbanded on March 13 after the decision was reached in a board meeting. Taiwan Goal, which has caused much turmoil in the military and Taiwan’s politics, and resulted in the resignation of the Defense Minister and several high-ranking generals, is to become history.

Wu issued a statement in his capacity as the Chairman of Taiwan Goal, saying that the board of Taiwan Goal had met on February 29 and reached a consensus to hold a temporary shareholders’ meeting on March 12 in accordance with regulations stipulated in the law, at which time he would recommend shutting down the business and disbanding Taiwan Goal. The dissolution of Taiwan Goal should be finalized on March 13.

Wu did not specify the motive or details of the dissolution of Taiwan Goal. However, Wu mentioned that recently the media had reported many pieces critical of TGC and the opposition party had intentionally lambasted TGC, blurring the initial purpose of the government to develop the domestic defense industry and destroying the original makeup of the commercial corporation. Under such circumstances, the TGC had lost its reason to exist. Therefore, Wu said he decided to convene a shareholders’ meeting to discuss the issue of disbanding TGC.

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