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Je mets cet article en ligne sur ce fil car il contient une phrase d’une précision intéressante que j’ai soulignée en gras : "particulièrement, toutes les entreprises d’armement contactées par le Ministère de la Défense l’année dernière (en 2007-NDR) étaient françaises".

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texte en anglais.

News Analysis

KMT Legislators : Taiwan Goal to Hallow Out Taiwan

Sources : Taipei newspapers

February 22, 2008

The KMT caucus in the Legislative Yuan publicized the corporate charter of Taiwan Goal Corporation (TGC) and questioned especially Article 4. This article would allow TGC reinvestment to be free from restrictions contained in Article 13 of the Company Act, which stipulates that the total amount of reinvestment shall not exceed 40% of paid-up capital. By using such methods, TGC could monopolize the sale and procurement of defense equipment and cooperate with some specific corporations in continuously establishing subsidiaries to hallow out Taiwan through military procurement and industrial offset, while at the same time avoiding Legislative oversight.

Deputy Defense Minister Lin Yu-bao attended a press conference held by the KMT caucus at its invitation, but turned down the request made by the KMT caucus to submit a review regarding the Defense Ministry’s investment plan in TGC.

KMT legislator Alex Fai said, “The Defense Ministry intends to cite Article 88 of the Budget Act, which stipulates that it is legal to strong-arm its investment in TGC by submitting budget request later as a post factum. The most suspicious point is that why the Defense Ministry could evade the application of the Government Procurement Act while investing in TGC, granting TGC monopoly from the Defense Ministry. Particularly, all arms manufacturers contacted by the Defense Ministry last year were French.”

Before the end of his policy report address in the Legislative Yuan, Premier expressed his views on TGC, saying, ”Some circles want me to disband TGC, according to local newspapers. However, TGC is a commercial corporation now, how can I disband it ? Maybe people will ask me to disband the Formosa Plastics Group owned by Wang Yung-ching and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp run by Morris Chang someday ?

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