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sur 17 morts plus tard…

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njama njama 20 janvier 2015 12:48

- Les USA bombardent le Hezbollah.

Fifi, je rectifie, ce n’est pas exact, ni le sens de l’article (qui date du 22 sept 2014). Les US ont bombardé les positions de l’armée irakienne, et des milices populaires et non pas celles de l’ISIL ( Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)  !!!
donc les US aident les terroristes djihadistes

’Hezbollah : US Bombing Iraqi Army, Popular Forces’ Positions Not ISIL"
The Hezbollah Battalions urged the Iraqi nation to be vigilant against the scenarios of the West, specially the US, and their mercenaries in the region, implying that the ISIL is working for the US.

“We believe that demanding help from the US means a confiscation (by the US) of the Iraqi nation and people’s resistance against terrorism and the pain and agony that they have had to suffer for protecting Iraq’s unity,” the statement said.

“We believe that the US is responsible for Iraq’s problems and challenges and we do not have any hope in the United States,” it added.

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